SADfest NJ is a multi-day music festival coming in July 2016. The purpose of the festival is to raise awareness of suicide, addiction, and depression and give others a chance to provide support for those who need it. By hosting this festival, we are creating a community initiative to battle those undesirable issues. This initiative will strengthen our community by providing an opportunity for people to feel proud knowing that they can make a difference and also by providing an opportunity for others to feel included, accepted, and appreciated.

Depressive disorders affect 21 million people per year.

With an addiction problem, those people are 6 times more likely to attempt suicide.

A person commits suicide every 12.9 minutes.


Build our music scene to be a safe environment where everyone can feel accepted and appreciated.

Educate attendees about mental illness to reduce the social stigma against it and encourage community support.

Fundraise for non-profit mental health organizations that share similar goals.