Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer for SADfest! You could receive 1 free weekend pass in exchange for volunteering 10 hours of your time over the course of the 2 event days.

If you want to be an official volunteer, please e-mail us. You will have to attend at least 1 volunteer meeting prior to the event and join our SADfest Volunteers Facebook page.

We are currently looking for these positions…

Load-In Team Member

Will work under the supervision of the Load-In Manager by directing bands to load-in location and helping make set changes quick and organized.

Crowd Motivators

Will assist in making all attendees’ experiences at SADfest the absolute best it can be. Responsibilities include general question answering, creating a positive environment, encouraging movement and interaction, assisting organizations in spreading information and awareness, gathering attendees to participate in activities, & a myriad of providing other good vibes and times.


Will be under the supervision of a certified security manager. Experience preferred.


This is a “leave no trace” event. Clean-up will occur after each day and trash bags and gloves will be provided. Must have 3 years of experience in tree hugging.


Will be assisting attendees park if necessary, starting the snowball of good vibes, answering questions, and handing out event programs/schedules.